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Welcome Inside the House Where all That Soft Magic Happens -  Our Cashmere Factory - Nepal 2/3

Welcome Inside the House Where all That Soft Magic Happens - Our Cashmere Factory - Nepal 2/3

Visiting our cashmere makers is always such an emotionally full and warm experience. There is such mutual excitement, joy and gratefulness from both parties –  and all this expressed without many words in a common language, relying mainly on gestures and big smiles. 

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A Country Close to Our Hearts - Nepal 1/3

Once a year our team travels to Nepal to meet up, drink tee, and laugh with the people who call this beautiful country home. By revisiting the country that sparked this vision within us, we keep our minds focused on what the core of our business is. 

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Conscious Capsule

Have you ever thought about your consumption habits while shopping for clothing? 
" To prepare your own “Conscious Capsule” as we want to name it in Store of Hope, is actually more of a psychological thing to establish than practical one if you’d ask me. Putting it into practice, choosing the ecological, ethical and up-cycling brands, is already the next step. At the beginning we must set ourselves free from fast fashion and emotional shopping."

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Nude June

It’s that time of a year when Finnish nature shows it’s most beautiful sides. We Finns absolutely love to be outside in the park when grass is green, leaves making the sound of harmony with the wind, and the lakes are bright. Something calls us to come closer and be present.

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Feelings of Summer by Store of Hope

I believe in the ocean curing all bad moods. I believe in the waves wiping away worries. I believe in seashells bringing good luck. I believe in toes in the sand, 
grounding my soul. 

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Fashion Revolution week, after thoughts - 5 Steps to an Ethical Closet

As fair fashion makes a slow, heroic rise to the spotlight more and more people are asking 2 questions: “What is ethical fashion?” and “How can I create an ethical closet?”

Your heart is in it - you understand the need for more ethical consumers in the fashion industry and you want to get started, but there’s no way you can afford to replace all of the items in your closet with fair trade alternatives. So don’t. In fact the most ethical and responsible thing you can do is to keep wearing everything you already own for as long as you possibly can. Then, follow these 5 simple steps to make the switch to sustainable consumerism.


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Slow Shopping - Welcome to Our Concept Room

It all started with the space. We walked through what is now our new office building for the first time back in December, and we immediately fell head over heels for the high ceilings and big bright windows.

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You are one thousand stories of potential.

Winter collection / Cashmere by Store of Hope    This strangely still feeling, when the leaves are fallen and all the greenery softly goes to sleep. The sun took a step back letting the earth take a calm, fresh breath to renew itself. Winter is here. Let time fly just alongside a cup of tea, for time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life.  Lookbook AW17 "Remember,  you are more than skin and bones. You are one thousand stories of before. One thousand stories of potential. One thousand stories yet to see."  - Victoria Erickson -     Coming...

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From nightmares to dreams

We are now much further away from the center of Kathmandu. Colorful houses adorn the beautiful green hills, and in this village walking is much more common than driving. It is easier to breathe here in the mountains, and as we climb higher each of the temples we see is more beautiful than the last. It is Saturday, a day off in Nepal, and children run up to us, curious to see who we are. Each of them greets us in turn, saying “Hello, Madame!”, before going back to playing their games.

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Not a handout, but an opportunity

The people streaming out of the plane stir the still, stagnant air at the airport. Security control and luggage screening seem just a formality; the staff apologizes for the body scanners that alert with every passenger passing through them. A blond woman forces her way to the telephone operator’s desk and tries to get the customer service agent’s attention. We have arrived in Kathmandu to meet some of the Nepalese manufacturers and makers of Store of Hope.

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