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Welcome Inside the House Where all That Soft Magic Happens -  Our Cashmere Factory - Nepal 2/3

Welcome Inside the House Where all That Soft Magic Happens - Our Cashmere Factory - Nepal 2/3

Visiting our cashmere makers is always such an emotionally full and warm experience. There is such mutual excitement, joy and gratefulness from both parties –  and all this expressed without many words in a common language, relying mainly on gestures and big smiles. 

Together with the couple who owns the small factory - thank goodness - we have a shared language. But this language is not only a spoken one, but a shared vision of how things are done when done well, and how we want to improve the work we do together. During our most recent trip we envisioned more ways to be even more transparent in the work we do together, and from that place of trust we were able to bring forth many new ideas and dreams.

We started with the main product in our cashmere collection, scarfs, a little over three years ago. All this time we have gotten closer with the makers team behind our cashmere production and it makes working and producing products so much more meaningful. 

Nepal is a country with a 46% unemployment rate and 25% of its people live below the poverty line. Today, and in the future as we grow, we exist for the jobs we can provide all throughout our production chain. We want to be passionate not only in create any jobs, but in giving fair employment and making sure that the working conditions physically and mentally support our makers in their individual lives. Its not always easy, that we have surely learned. Not having our own factory makes it different to lead our vision, but still we feel that partnering with local entrepreneurs is the way we want to work. We want to ensure that even if something happened to us, and the work we have built together can no loner continue, the producer can stands on its own feet. 


All that said, it just explains why we are so, so very happy and thankful to have a an amazing partner. They do such an amazing job! Did you know that all this time we have worked together there has been 1,6% reclamation rate with our cashmere-products - quite amazing! 

We are so proud to show you the lovely faces behind your cashmere line. It is our deepest hope that you feel the joy and hope knit into every pice of cashmere you purchase from Store of Hope.


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