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What are you willing to give up for more sustainable fashion industry?

What are you willing to give up for more sustainable fashion industry?

As human beings we have something inside ourselves which drives us towards creativity and a need to improve both ourselves and the life around us. This state of continual personal evolution is an essential part of living a human life. In our search for ease and comfort, enriching our lives is something we do by our nature. But in our quest for enrichment, so many things can go so wrong – when selfishness and greed is mixed with our propensity for creativity, someone gets hurt. As we look back at world history we can see that too often when we take huge steps forward in our standard of living, sadly those same steps have crushed others along the way. In the fashion industry we have taken this same concept so far that in many cases one person’s stunning appearance relies on another’s sweat and tears. We have built a chain of slavery to enable a culture of disposable fashion. This is why Fashion Revolution is so desperately needed. We need to bring humanity and morals back into the picture.

But the question is, are we willing to give up the necessary advantages to ensure we do not repeat history? Would we be willing to go back to a time where a winter coat costs a third, or even half, of one’s monthly salary, then take proper care of it as the years go by? To fully embrace concepts like mending, up-cycling, recycling, thrifting, sharing, and swapping in order to decrease the excess?

Most importantly, would we be willing to offer a hand to those whom we have stepped on in the past - to help build a world where equality is a requirement, not an afterthought? Would we be willing to use our imagination and creativity to find solutions that could level the ground so we all stand equally?

Today, on the first day of Fashion Revolution Week 2019, we want to challenge all: individuals, businesses, whoever,  to think of ways to improve our consuming habits to reduce the gap of inequality. We want to invite everyone to step up and be an everyday change maker. To be innovative and to find solutions which benefit many instead of few. Let’s make a Fashion Revolution, bringing true beauty back in the game.

Anna / Entrepreneur - Store of Hope


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