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Behind the Beads - Where it all began 3/3

Behind the Beads - Where it all began 3/3

We have worked with Anjila since 2012, when Store of Hope first began by selling jewellery made by women who lived in a safety house. Anjila was working there and was taking lead in thethe jewellery production, and teaching women from harsh backgrounds to make jewellery from beads. At same time she took these women under her wing, and even though she was very young her self then she was a kind of big sister to those women. We have continued working with Anjila throughout these past 6 years, watching her develop and grow into a small business owner.

Anjila is now running her own jewellery business with her mother, Indu. After the safety house stopped producing jewellery, Anjila decided to continue the work and gave jobs to the same women who had been working with her in the safety house.

Running a handicraft business in Nepal is not easy. Finding good materials for the jewellery is difficult and many times materials just disappear from the market. Together we have been working towards better design and quality over the past years and it is really starting to pay off. We are so excited for the next collection arriving soon to Store of Hope!

Working with Anjila is so important to us. We could never personally make that work in Nepal happen. We as outsiders would never be able to reach the ground level where we could understand the community and it’s needs as Anjila and Indu can. And that is why we are focusing on supporting Anjila so that she can support women within her community. 


Anjila is now taking on a bigger role with the work we do in Nepal. She will coordinate with all our producers in Nepal to make our business there run more seamlessly, and we are so excited to see her take this next step. We want to ensure that she can continue her work and grow in her skills and abilities. Our role is to use our contacts to give her support in leadership and in design.  

This is why I love in my job. I love that we are not just a big buyer from Europe, but Anjila and I are friends and equals in partnership. Our goal at Store of Hope is to be that link between customer and the maker, and with that create good and fair jobs. With Anjila and Indu we have same goal to change the world with our work and actions. 



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