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Nude June

Nude June

Body positivity as a part of sustainable fashion

It’s that time of a year when Finnish nature shows it’s most beautiful sides. We Finns absolutely love to be outside in the park when grass is green, leaves making the sound of harmony with the wind, and the lakes are bright. Something calls us to come closer and be present. Could that something be beauty?
What does beauty looks like? Of course everyone sees beauty in his or her own way, but still, beauty could be recognized as something that is authentic and honest. It might have it’s own stigma, but that’s exactly what makes us want to look it more closely. Beauty has contrast. It makes an impact. When we see beauty, we want to be closer to it.

July is almost here and a week ago we celebrated Midsummer. The whole country leaves the cities for summer cottages, and spend their days by the lake or in the sauna. In Northern part of the world, we have a saying: “Woman show their true beauty right after sauna.” Your cheeks are still red, your hair goes as it does when all wet, and you just look fresh and alive.

How this is part of sustainable fashion? We believe that when we accept ourselves as we are, we simply make better decisions while shopping. When it comes to clothing it’s easy to avoid bad decisions when you know that nothing looks as good as you wearing you. Buy simply to your needs, not to become accepted. That’s how you save money. And when buying something that is a “must” for your outfit, make slow decisions and think about the planet by investing to the quality and human rights by paying fair for the seamstress who made your outfit. That’s how shopping can be both: ecological and ethical at the same time.

With this journal we’d like to encourage you to go out there just as you are! Even without any makeup or anything fashionable to wear. Let the sun kiss your skin and bring out your natural beauty!

And remember: you look beautiful - always.
By heart,

Eeva, Anna and Evianna


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