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Word of the month: FAIR

Word of the month: FAIR


(a) treating people equally without favoritism or discrimination

(b) marked by impartiality and honesty : free from self-interest, prejudice, or favoritism

We love the word fair. Because this one, tiny word, is the very core of both our brand values and business practices at Store of Hope. We believe that treating humanity fairly is of the highest importance, and it is a non-negotiable standard in our business choices.




Our aim is to create sustainable, ethical, employment for those living in poverty so they may develop a voice of their own and have the power to shape their own future. Unemployment, especially among women, is a harsh reality for many in Nepal. But by building a bridge between maker and consumer we have the ability to create a tribe of every day world changers, who are helping to create employment opportunities through their purchasing decisions.



As our company has grown and changed over the years, so has the production demand placed on our makers. Throughout this shift it has remained a priority to us that they do not work for us, we work together. Our manufacturers are independently owned businesses, and while we work in close partnership with them and help provide resources and growth opportunities, they are ultimately in control of their own livelihood. Our hope is that, should there ever come a day when we are no longer working together, we would leave them with a skill set which will benefit them for their lifetime. We want to break the cycle of dependency.



All of the brands carried at Store of Hope meet our criteria of fairness. We go through the effort of asking questions and doing research so you don’t have to. Ethical shopping doesn’t need to be difficult. That is why Store of Hope was built to offer empowering brands a common platform that consumers can trust.


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