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You just need one! How to style a summer dress for different occasions?

You just need one! How to style a summer dress for different occasions?

Dress season is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited for the comfort and style of a great summer dress. But we’ve noticed that many people assume they need several different dresses in their wardrobe to cover many occasions or looks, when really one or two great-fitting dresses will do the trick.

So to help you out to build more sustainable closet, by adding quality not quantity in it, we made a list of 5 looks you can easily achieve with only one or two dresses in your closet. Then just add your favorite pieces that you already have at home and you have a totally reinvented outfit. Let’s dive in!


“The Saturday Morning”


Easy and relaxed, but still stylish and a little “dressed up.” Throw on a pullover and a pair of sneakers and head out the door to do your shopping or meet up with a friend for coffee.


“The Summer Picnic”


Bright, summery vibes. Your favorite floral dress with a denim jacket and a few accessories to complete the look. Ease is the point here, don’t over think it.


“The Festival Season”


We love pairing soft florals with something more bold and blocky like a leather jacket and some chunky shoes. The contrast of fabrics and styles somehow just works so perfectly.


“The Out and About”


The simplest pairing of a summer dress and some cashmere is probably our favorite of them all. The versatility makes this combo perfect work, meeting up with friends, and ever bigger celebrations like weddings. You just can’t go wrong here.


“The Party Look”


This one puts your dress on center stage. A few small accessories are all you need as the dress is doing all the heavy lifting in this look. Perfect for summer parties and weddings.


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