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"Kids draw the art, we make them into clothing designs. From every product sold we give a part to improve children’s living conditions."

ONES was born so that everyone could have a chance to choose, to care and to take action. We want to be part of a new responsible way of consuming. That is why we created a clothing line that isn't harmfull to anybody. But brings joy to everyone involved manufacturing the product, all the way to the ones who wear our clothes.

This is what ONES is all about. Clothes that you can wear with joy. To responsible consumer.




We Jarno and Susanne, founders of ONES have always been entrepreneurs but without a business, without an idea that would ignite us. We always knew that we would want to help those that are suffering of human trafficing and those who are in great need. We have a friend who is working in Brazil's slums, and we knew that human trafficing is a major broblem in Brazil. It became obvious that we would want those children that live in these slums to draw art. These kids are the poorest of the poor. They have absolutely nothing and they are facing the same future that their parents have if nothing changes.

We realize that what we are doing to help these people is just a drop in a bucket, but if we all would do something then this bucket starts to fill up, little by little. These are the thoughts behind ONES.





Little artists that live in the slum draws the pictures, we make them into clothing desings. All our clothes are ethically produced organic cotton, find more information on each product page. When you buy ONES, you get information of the artist who drew the picture on your shirt. We also invite you to see who's life you have made a difference to. From every product sold we give 10% (exl tax) to help our little artists. Our dream is to see whole slum village to change and the consumers responsibility to grow.

"Let’s change the world #oneshirtatatime #paitakerrallaan"