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Our mission is to empower underprivileged makers in developing countries by connecting them directly to ethical consumers like you.

The Store of Hope was built to offer empowering brands a common platform that consumers can trust. We have carefully done a lot of research and asked all the questions so you don't have to. Because we don't think that ethical shopping needs to be difficult. 

That is why we want to provide a good selection of fashionable, yet sustainable products and brands that we have hand picked for you. This way we can connect the makers in different parts of the developing world directly to ethical consumers, like you!


What does ethical mean to us?

It means fairness. Giving our manufacturers a fair pay, fair working conditions and an ability to do their job well. The ethical way of doing business puts people and environment in the center. It means treating everyone everywhere with respect.

Through our work we want to give local artisans in developing countries opportunities to make their own living and through their work empower and lift up their communities.
 That is why all of our products come from small producer groups in the developing world.

Love, Eeva



We know that throughout the world there is great need for sustainable change. We need to move toward societies where people can put their skills to use and prosper. Creating sustainable employment opportunities can permanently lift people out of the poverty.

We feel passionate about building our collection with good design that values the producer and the planet just as much as the end consumer. Our web store is filled with products that make you and the world around you feel better.

Love, Anna

We started the company in 2012 with jewelry made by women who lived in a safe house in Nepal. Since then, we have created multiple brands in co-operation with local artisans in several countries. Through our work, we have seen first-hand how difficult sustainable production and ethical business choices can be, when easier alternatives are everywhere. But we still want to make a difference.

Bringing better opportunities to local artisans and supporting growth in the developing world requires a lot of effort, as does reaching the needed, steady customer base. was built to offer empowering brands a common platform that consumers can trust.