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Store of Hope is a multi-vendor web store and we are always looking for new brands that share our values and deserves to be found by a larger audience. 

If you run a company or NGO that has empowering and ethically manufactured product,  you can apply to become a part of Store of Hope.

How to join Store of Hope?

1.Contact us:

2. Evaluation

We will start the conversation with you and evaluate the brand by how well it reaches our values in ethics, design, empowerment and transparency. 

3. Build your own brand page in  Store of Hope

Why join Store of Hope?

  • Quick and easy - once your company is accepted, Store of Hope provides visibility of your products to an audience who is already interested in ethical products.
  • Major effort in marketing - Store of Hope invests in conducting progressive marketing and finding customers for their service. We are active in social media and thanks to a wide collaborative network, we gain good visibility.
  • International audience - Store of Hope ships worldwide and is multilingual.
  • No risks - no solid monthly fees
E-mail with any questions